Kassarie & Kayliray
29. 03. 2016

Wow… it’s almost April. Kayli was able to sneak in a post at the end of December, but I haven’t written a single thing since November. Oops. Sorry peeps. You know… if there’s any peeps out there left reading this little blog-o here. Shout out to you dear reader… I hope you’ll leave a comment so I can personally thank you for sticking around! ;) I don’t really have a good excuse for not writing for the majority of that time… Unless you can call living life an excuse. But I do have an awesome excuse for the last month-ish. Friends… meet our little cowboy Quade!!

Duncan Arizona Newborn Photographer

Our little miss Klara is completely smitten with her baby brother. She asks to hold him several times a day and even just to see him if someone else is holding him or he’s laying in his bed or swing. Klara brings mommy diapers, helps with bath time and really hasn’t shown a single ounce of jealousy, thank goodness!!!

Greenlee County Newborn Photographer

Since everyone keeps asking, I am doing great. I had a rough week there during little man’s second week of life… His daddy caught the flu and passed it to me. Having just had a baby and then catching the flu is basically hell… In case you were wondering. But I did live through it and all is well once again. ;)

Now that things have settled down a bit I have been thinking of blogging again. So I hope to write some more soon and maybe catch up and share a little bit about what we’ve been up to lately… Casa de Mortensen needs a few posts dedicated to the changes we’ve made so far for sure. But no promises. I do have two sweet little kiddos that need mommy cuddles, so you know, priorities. ;)

Have a happy week loves!