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We’re still here!!! *Cue excuses… It’s just that it’s my busiest season as a photographer… Senior sessions, family sessions for Christmas cards, etc. Then there’s all the editing that goes with it. No time to sit and write a blog post. BUT… I have a bit of news to share that you may or may not have seen on Facebook, or Instagram… But if you haven’t yet….

Klara Gets a Brother

Klara’s going to be a BIG sister!!!! Her little brother is due in Mach 2016! We are thrilled to be adding a little mister to our family!

It's a boy!

Anyone have any tips on life with two kids?! Not going to lie, I’m freaking out a little about going from one to two… Working from home and all the other things that go on in life… Help a momma out! ;)


Hello there friends!!! It’s been awhile. We’ve moved. We’ve been renovating and painting and packing and unpacking. BUT for the most part we are now settled into our new home, Casa de Mortensen. Read more about it hear if you’re interested. I have SO many things to share and catch you up on but since I left you hanging with our vacation, I thought I’d share that first…

Our Luna Summer Vacation Part 1 can be found here in case you missed it. We spent our Saturday doing fun activities for the Luna Pioneer Days. We went to the parade in the morning with Nana, Papa, Great Papa, Aunt Kayli and Kase and Klara got to get candy and watch her cousin Taylor, the fair princess, ride in the parade.

Luna Rodeo Parade 2015 Taylor Luna Rodeo 2015
Later that day we watched Taylor carry the New Mexico flag in the rodeo, watched my brother participate in the wild cow ride. Klara got to watch her daddy and uncles team rope. Even with a little rain and a big nap for Klara right in the middle it was a fun day!

Grady and Klara Luna Summer 2015 Luna Rodeo Dance 2015
That evening Klara got to go to her very first Luna Rodeo Dance! The same dance where her daddy and I met almost twenty years ago! She had the best time dancing with her cousins!

The rest of our weekend was spent spending time with family, eating some yummy food, and watching fireworks. Definitely a weekend to remember.

Your turn: What was your favorite vacation as a kiddo?


Every year, the weekend closest to July 24th my little family heads to Luna, NM to celebrate the Luna Pioneer Days. Both sides of our family congregate in Luna for camping, the parade, rodeo and other fun activities. This was Klara’s third year! Fun fact, my husband and I actually met at the Luna Rodeo Dance when we were just kids so the whole weekend is a special event for all of us!

This year our pre-rodeo activities included fishing at Luna Lake in Alpine, AZ, golfing at the Alpine Country Club and taking the kids to swim at the Head of the Ditch Campground in Luna, NM.

Fishing at Alpine Kase's Fish at Alpine  Klara and Nana Fishing Klara Fishing at Alpine

My nephew, Kase, caught the biggest and one of only three fish at Luna Lake. But the kids had a great time… There was lots of casting out and reeling in, some sprinkles of rain and then Klara took a dive into the water where she was wading and since I forgot extra dry clothes we made her a dress out of her daddy’s work shirt… ;)


First Tee in Alpine Golfing at Alpine

One afternoon Nana kept Klara so I could go with Nate and the guys to golf at the Alpine Country Club. Nate and I were married there at that exact hole just over four years ago! It still all looks exactly the same! I don’t really golf but it was fun to have an afternoon away riding in the golf cart and laughing at the guys try to golf… haha.


Swimming in Luna 2 Swimming in Luna 3 Swimming in Luna 4 Swimming in Luna

There’s a creek that runs through the Head of the Ditch Campground in Luna and the kids, Klara and her cousins, had the best time playing in the water and mud. My mom used to take my brother, sister and I there to play when we were little so it was so fun to be able to share that with my daughter and nieces and nephews.

Seriously, the most fun, laid back weekend ever. And everything we did with the kids created amazing memories at a low cost.

Your Turn: What is your favorite vacation activity with your family?


Hey there friends!!!! Welcome to our new little corner of blog land! We are so thrilled you’ve stopped by!

We started Truly Lovely back in November of 2010. We loved it there. We thrived there. But then… after blogging under the Truly Lovely name for so long we feel like we have outgrown it. It felt too generic. Not really… Us. So we started the process of re-branding our blog and social media channels.

You guys. We went back and forth for months trying to think of and decide on a name that was us. We’d think of something cute and find out it was taken. Or think of something and decide it was too cute… Finally, it hit us. What’s more us than our names!!! Seems like it should’ve been staring us in the face, but really it took a long time for us to get here. Our nicknames. Both are a combination of our first and middle names. Something our families and close friends have called each of us for as long as we can remember. Kassarie is Kassi Marie, while Kayliray is from Kayli RayNell.

So this little corner of the Internet is ours. It’s about us, what we love, who we love. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much here as you did at Truly Lovely and new readers, we hope you’ll stick around and get to know us! We’d love to get to know you!

There are lots of ways you can connect with us. Just check out our little social media icons over there on the right side bar. You also have the option to follow along via email. Whatever way you connect, give us a shout out! We’d love to know who you are! And of course, there’s always comments… Every blogger loves those. ;)

Again, welcome! And please stick around… there’s lots of fun things coming your way!