Kassarie & Kayliray

Picture this… You’ve just opened your eyes from what was (hopefully) a restful night’s sleep. What’s one of the things that pulls you from your cozy bed to start the day? Me… It’s that morning cup of coffee. At this point in my life most of my nights are not so restful. Shout out to all those meaning well when they say, “Kassi, you look like you’re tired.” Um, I am. Thanks for pointing that out. ;) My son is not a restful sleeper. Even on his best nights. And on those good nights I usually stay up crazy late because photo editing is best done without two kiddos underfoot. So when my eyes open in the morning that coffee is calling to me. Meet one of my dearest friends… my Keurig Brewer. ;)

You’ve been introduced during this Keurig Brewer Review before if you’ve been around this blog for any length of time. But what you haven’t met yet is my Keurig’s best bud… The DripJoy K-Cup Compatible Single Serve Coffee

I was sent two boxes of DripJoy to try in exchange for my honest opinion and review shared here with you dolls. I chose the Morning Joy and Dark Bean Daydream flavors because come on, who doesn’t want a little more joy in their morning and the Dark Bean Daydream touts “hints of chocolate”. Um, sold.

First of all, this coffee does not disappoint. I tend to add a flavored creamer of some kind to my coffee (Right now I’m loving White Chocolate Raspberry, what’s your current favorite?), but both flavors could totally stand on their own. I am not a coffee connoisseur. I love the warm cup in my hands in the morning, the routine more so than anything. But I also want it to taste good. And DripJoy does. #flavorwin

DripJoy Coffee is used exactly like the Keurig K-Cups that you’re already using. They’re the same size, work the same way, all that. BUT DripJoy has a subscription service so that you won’t ever run out of coffee. Bless the genius that came up with THAT idea! I have one of those fun little pod holders that sets underneath my Keurig Brewer. They are the best! But I am also the worst at remembering to purchase new pods once that thing runs out. I have to refill it from the boxes in the pantry and what’s left in the boxes is not something I’m good at keeping track of… Having new coffee sent right to me BEFORE I run out?! #anotherwin

Say you aren’t into the whole subscription thing? You can still purchase individual boxes of coffee without the commitment. So really, there’s no downside no matter what option you chose. Great coffee that you didn’t have to go to the store for, or remember to restock at all if you choose. #everyoneiswinning

Tell me, what gets you going in the morning?

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes, as always though, my opinion is 100% honest and 100% my own!