Kassarie & Kayliray

Hi there!!! I hate when bloggers have been MIA then they come back and share a long story about where they’ve been, excuses, excuses, etc.. So I’m not going to do that. Life happens. Blog breaks happen. Let’s move on. ;)

It’s spring here friends! Well… mostly. Our grass is greening up in our yard, trees are starting to bud and the wind is starting to blow… The wind. One of the downsides of the beautiful little town where we live. But there’s got to be at least one downside to everything, right?! Regardless it’s mostly planting time here and we’ve been spending our weekends tidying up the yard, cutting and spraying weeds, etc. So this last week my little helper and I fancied up a couple of cute little planters just for fun.

The plain white planters were like $2 each at the dollar store, a can of spray paint, painters tape and a sheet of brown vinyl. That’s all you’d need to make your own!

My daughter helped me tape off the top and bottom so we could just spray paint the center of each planter to add a fun pop of color. I used Rust-oleum Seaside Gloss paint… This isn’t an advertisement other than that I just love this color and would spray paint all the things this pretty turquoise blue if I had the time. ;)

The Silhouette SD machine that I’ve had for 6ish years bit the dust just before Christmas… I talked the hubs into ordering a brand new shiny Silhouette Cameo and I am in love with it. Projects happening all over the place now!

That cute font with the arrows is available within the Silhouette store… It’s called Swift Arrow Font. I also bought the welcome ya’ll shape in the Silhouette store because it was too cute and perfect to pass up. ;) I cut them out onto some brown vinyl and applied the vinyl using transfer paper.

I planted a cute little strawberry plant in each one and set them on either side of my front door. Yay for happy spring fun entryway!

What fun spring projects have you been creating lately? I would love to see links! Oh, and we link to these fun parties. Hope you’ll join us!