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With school letting out and summer right around the corner I’ve been thinking about summer vacations… My kids aren’t really old enough yet for anything too big or exciting, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about when they will be! I want to be that family that takes a fun vacation every summer. Something that will create amazing childhood and family memories. So here is my wish list of 5 someday family vacation destinations!

Disneyland Vacation

Disneyland! Every kid I have ever known has dreamed of going to Disneyland. Klara has been there once, but she wasn’t even a year old yet. I want to take both of my kids back when they’re old enough to really enjoy it. I’ve heard little girls LOVE the princess breakfast and I know Klara would go nuts!

Nashville, Tennessee! I have wanted to go there ever since I did a presentation on the city for a competition in high school! My husband and I both love listening to the Sirius Radio broadcasts of the Grande Ol’ Opry and it would be amazing to see it in person with my family. I’ve heard the Opryland Hotel and Gardens are so neat and I would love to check out Music Row with the hubs! As lovers of Sirius Radio you know we’ll be going to the Music Row Happy Hour while we’re there too! ;)

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Go ahead and judge me, but Harry Potter has been my favorite since the beginning. I will go there someday, especially since I hear there’s one in California now! And my sister will be going with me, book nerds unite! I can’t wait to introduce the books to my kids! Klara already likes watching the movies with me, so seeing it brought to life as a family would be SO fun!

Grand Canyon! Ok, it’s really only a few hours from home, but especially since that’s the case it’s amazing and awe inspiring and all that business that such a HUGE canyon can exist the way it does. Every family should visit it at least once.

New York City! You see it all the time in movies and read about it in books. There are so many things to see and do there… A play or musical on Broadway, the Museum of Natural History, visiting the set of Good Morning America and getting on TV! ;) This would definitely fall into the ‘when the kids are older’ category, but it would be an educational and cultural experience for them from the rural area where we live for sure!

As I’m sitting here writing this post I realized two things… One, there are so many more amazing places I want to be able to visit with my family! What an amazing country we have! And two… it’s time to start saving… $$$$ ;)

Where is your #1 family vacation dream destination??


19 responses to “Family Vacation Wish List”

  1. These are all great destinations. I’m going to Montana this summer but first we are heading to NYC.

  2. Georgiana says:

    We’re only 90 mins away from the Grand Canyon, but we never go either! It’s easy to take for granted. I love all the spots on your list. The only ones I haven’t been to are NYC and Nashville, and I’m heading to Nashville this August. Woot!

  3. Rachel says:

    Fab list! I’ve been to all of these except the Grand Canyon!

  4. Carlen says:

    We wish all those too! Someday :) Keep us posted on your vacations!
    Carlen | http://www.realmomswingingit.com

  5. Ali Mills says:

    I haven’t been to Nashville or Harry Potter yet but I have been to the other places and I agree, ALL of them are amazing! You HAVE to take Klara to the Princess breakfast at Ariel’s Grotto! She would flip!

    • Kassi says:

      Right?! I can’t wait! I know she’ll love it! Actually seeing photos from your trips has taught me all kinds of things about Disneyland that I didn’t know!

  6. wendy says:

    I live closer to TN then any of the others. I would love to go see these places.

  7. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter does not disappoint! It’s AMAZING! I hope you get to go!!!

  8. Sara says:

    All of these sound like fun. If I had to choose just one, I would want to visit Ireland.

    I have family there and have never visited. I would my children to know where their grandparents came from, visit the places that are told in the stories they’ve heard since little.

  9. Nicole Escat says:

    Disney World tops our family vacation wish list. Next is the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and third is the Hello Kitty Park in Tokyo.