Kassarie & Kayliray

I’m super excited to finally start sharing our Casa de Mortensen Home Renovation with you all!!! I’ve debated on the best way to start sharing these posts and it has seriously delayed me in actually sitting down to write. I finally decided to start with a Before Tour of the house to show how it all looked before we got started with our changes and making it our own. I snapped all of these before photos with my cell phone in the various trips we made to make plans and check out the house, so pardon the less than stellar quality… and the dog photo bomb… ;)

Remember, this was the house where my husband grew up. When he grew up here, it looked basically like this, minus the um… interesting brownish paint job on the cabinets in the kitchen. Those deer and elk heads were courtesy of a later tenant…

But these main living areas are more or less how they’ve been for years.

Kitchen Renovation Before

Kitchen Renovation Before 2

The pantry…

Home Renovation Pantry Before

Below is the view of the kitchen and dining area if you’re looking from the living room.

Kitchen Renovation Before 3

And from there if you turn around you’ll see the living room. The elk on the wall was from prior tenants, but again, the rest is basically just like it was when my husband’s family lived there.

Home Renovation Living Room Before

And this is the entry from the side door.

Home Renovation Entryway Before

This is the view of the side entryway, looking from the laundry room.

Home Renovation Entryway Before 2

And finally the laundry room…

Home Renovation Laundry Room

This is the view of the side entryway, looking from the laundry room.  Home Renovation Laundry Room 2

Up next I’ll share the other living areas before we started making changes… The bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Hope you’ll come back to see the renovations and cosmetic changes we’ve been working on!