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30. 12. 2015

Hey readers, it’s Kayli.

I want to write a little about 2015, and about the new year.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.
I don’t think that changes should be made on only one day. I think that if you want to make a change, June 6th is just as good of a day to make changes as January 1st is. I also hate that so often, we make unrealistic resolutions only to end up disappointed in February because we’ve “failed.”

That said, I love New Year’s Day. I love starting fresh, and the idea that we can leave everything that has happened in the last 12 months behind us, where it really belongs. I love the idea of developing positive traits and progressing a little at a time.

So instead of resolutions, I pick a word for every year. I haven’t written about it much before because it was new for me, and I wanted to give it an honest go of my own.

I started this in 2013. My word then was faithful. I needed to develop a trust in my Heavenly Father. I needed to rely more on him and believe things would work out.

In 2014, my word was bloom. I wanted to really embrace the ways in which I was leaving childhood behind and settling into my twenties. I wanted to embrace the woman I was becoming and take risks.

And this year, for 2015, my word was shine.

I wanted my testimony to be my most defining feature. I wanted to let the happiness the gospel has given me, radiate. I wanted to accomplish things and share things and be happy.


With Klara after The Color Run

I completed the Color Run, where the theme, very fittingly, was “shine.”

With my best friend, Claire. (Gertie of Gertie and Bertie)

With my best friend, Claire. (Gertie of Gertie and Bertie)

I attended the temple and received my endowment.
I overcame heartbreak. I spent time with my girls. I started over in Safford and spent time with Kassi, her husband, and Klara. I moved in with “new” family and found another home.

I student taught and fell madly in love with my “job.”
I went to football games, and basketball games, and I even attended a ballet.

Glitter letters. Glitter's my favorite.

Glitter letters. Glitter’s my favorite.

Then I graduated at the top of my class in Secondary Education from New Mexico State University.

I grew. A lot.

And the entire time, I reminded myself that what I was trying to do, was shine.

Choosing a word instead of making resolutions has been really effective for me.

I can’t fail my word.

It’s something I’m trying to develop, not something I’m trying to achieve.

I work on it throughout the year. When given opportunities, I think about my word. When faced with choices, I think about my word. When in times of darkness and trial, or joy and celebration, I think about my word and what I need to do next in order to exemplify it.

Wanna join me? It’s an easy process, I promise.
I pick a word at the end of every December. I choose something I want to work on, a word that describes something I admire and feel like I need to develop. It doesn’t matter what part of speech it is. Faithful is an adjective while bloom and shine are verbs. It can be anything you want to be more of, or do more of.

Then, (and this stuff is totally optional) I pin to my “Words of the Year” Pinterest board. I search my word and save quotes. You can see that board here. (I started the board over the last year. Before that I was just saving quotes to my “Things that Inspire Me” board, here.) I make my phone wallpaper something that reminds me of my word for the first couple of weeks of January. Then, I do my best to look for it, and remind myself of it, throughout the year.

So, what’s my word for 2016?

I’ve chosen “gentle”.



This is something I want to work on, being more gentle. Initially I thought about “strong”. I certainly want to be a stronger person, but before I develop that strength, I want to make sure that in my heart, in my actions, I’m soft. I want to be more kind, and more tender, and more loving.

I want to be more like my savior, and he was the most gentle person to ever walk this earth.

I want to be teachable, and moldable, and willing to change and love what comes, whatever that is. I want to be GENTLE.

So what’s your word going to be? I’d love to know. Share in the comments!




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