Kassarie & Kayliray

Hello there friends!!! It’s been awhile. We’ve moved. We’ve been renovating and painting and packing and unpacking. BUT for the most part we are now settled into our new home, Casa de Mortensen. Read more about it hear if you’re interested. I have SO many things to share and catch you up on but since I left you hanging with our vacation, I thought I’d share that first…

Our Luna Summer Vacation Part 1 can be found here in case you missed it. We spent our Saturday doing fun activities for the Luna Pioneer Days. We went to the parade in the morning with Nana, Papa, Great Papa, Aunt Kayli and Kase and Klara got to get candy and watch her cousin Taylor, the fair princess, ride in the parade.

Luna Rodeo Parade 2015 Taylor Luna Rodeo 2015
Later that day we watched Taylor carry the New Mexico flag in the rodeo, watched my brother participate in the wild cow ride. Klara got to watch her daddy and uncles team rope. Even with a little rain and a big nap for Klara right in the middle it was a fun day!

Grady and Klara Luna Summer 2015 Luna Rodeo Dance 2015
That evening Klara got to go to her very first Luna Rodeo Dance! The same dance where her daddy and I met almost twenty years ago! She had the best time dancing with her cousins!

The rest of our weekend was spent spending time with family, eating some yummy food, and watching fireworks. Definitely a weekend to remember.

Your turn: What was your favorite vacation as a kiddo?