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Every year, the weekend closest to July 24th my little family heads to Luna, NM to celebrate the Luna Pioneer Days. Both sides of our family congregate in Luna for camping, the parade, rodeo and other fun activities. This was Klara’s third year! Fun fact, my husband and I actually met at the Luna Rodeo Dance when we were just kids so the whole weekend is a special event for all of us!

This year our pre-rodeo activities included fishing at Luna Lake in Alpine, AZ, golfing at the Alpine Country Club and taking the kids to swim at the Head of the Ditch Campground in Luna, NM.

Fishing at Alpine Kase's Fish at Alpine  Klara and Nana Fishing Klara Fishing at Alpine

My nephew, Kase, caught the biggest and one of only three fish at Luna Lake. But the kids had a great time… There was lots of casting out and reeling in, some sprinkles of rain and then Klara took a dive into the water where she was wading and since I forgot extra dry clothes we made her a dress out of her daddy’s work shirt… ;)


First Tee in Alpine Golfing at Alpine

One afternoon Nana kept Klara so I could go with Nate and the guys to golf at the Alpine Country Club. Nate and I were married there at that exact hole just over four years ago! It still all looks exactly the same! I don’t really golf but it was fun to have an afternoon away riding in the golf cart and laughing at the guys try to golf… haha.


Swimming in Luna 2 Swimming in Luna 3 Swimming in Luna 4 Swimming in Luna

There’s a creek that runs through the Head of the Ditch Campground in Luna and the kids, Klara and her cousins, had the best time playing in the water and mud. My mom used to take my brother, sister and I there to play when we were little so it was so fun to be able to share that with my daughter and nieces and nephews.

Seriously, the most fun, laid back weekend ever. And everything we did with the kids created amazing memories at a low cost.

Your Turn: What is your favorite vacation activity with your family?


It’s an amazing thing becoming a mother. One day you wake up and it’s just you and your spouse and literally hours later there are now three of you! Where there wasn’t this extra amazing little person before, there’s now a bouncing, crying, cooing little bundle of awesomeness. Getting to know and bonding with your baby can be just as difficult, or more so, as getting to know a new friend. It takes time to learn your baby’s personality, their likes and dislikes, how they’ll respond to you and those others around them. Here are a few of my tips for creating the time to bond with baby in those first few weeks and a #FormulaForHappiness for the whole family!

Klara and Mommy

Room in with baby if you can. Some hospitals, like the one where I delivered Klara, allowed us to keep her with us in my hospital room. They took her to the nursery for check ups, getting weighed, things like that but the rest of the time she was in a bassinet in my room with me and my husband. You’re going to get to take that bundle home soon and it will just be you and baby from then on, so getting used to it right away can make the transition to home easier and baby happier!

Help daddy bond with baby. This new little person you both created is going to greatly change the dynamic of your relationship, in a good way. But that change, regardless of the positive can be hard on everyone, so help daddy feel close to baby as much as you can. The nurses had my husband do the first several diaper changes and help with her first bath. He stayed with me in the hospital room overnight so he could help me get Klara to feed her, or change her. Plus, mommy needs a break from time to time, so the go to number one helper can be daddy! Even after Klara was several weeks old Nate would take her and rock or play with her so I could just get some sleep.

Klara and Daddy

Accept the help you’re offered, or ask for help if you need it! This one is SO important. I had several family members and friends offer to stop by and help with things, or bring meals, etc. I was embarrassed at first to have someone else throwing my laundry in the washer, or doing my dishes. But you have to relinquish that control so that you can spend time cuddling baby and resting. Plus, they offer because they love you and your little one. Let them show it.
If you are looking for help with more specific issues Gerber® has certified baby sleep consultants, certified lactation consultants or nutritionists that you can schedule a FREE Appointment with to help you get the advice you need. These services are provided thanks to Gerber® Good Start® Gentle.

Ignore the things that don’t matter. Back to those dirty dishes… They can wait. Snuggling with your new little one when she’s just a few days old won’t. It goes so fast. Take the time to enjoy everything you can and to get all the extra sleep you can. You can always ask daddy to help with the dishes. ;)

Popsicles, playing outside, fun with mom and dad are Klara’s #formulaforhappiness these days! But in the first few weeks of her life those things were very different… My tips for bonding with baby are on the blog today! Link in my profile.

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Your turn: What are your tips for finding the time to bond with baby in those first few weeks? Be sure to share your tips for baby and mommy’s #FormulaForHappiness with the hashtag on social media!


Well friends, we’ve decided the Avalon Bay AirFryer is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets both Kayli and I have ever seen! Seriously. It’s like a cute little oven for your counter top. Hello coolest graduation gift for a kid heading to live in a dorm room. OK, gushing over, for a second anyway.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (6)

So, what is an “airfryer”? According to their website, “AirFryers work the same way as convection ovens, but better. The fan technology removes the fats & oils from the food, by allowing it to drip through the drip basket. It then AirFrys the food by lifting the oil and making your food airborne by coating it. It does this continuously throughout the cooking process.” In short, you leave out the oil but still get all your favorite foods!

Here’s a short video review from Kayli explaining how the airfryer works and a little bit about the recipe we’re going to share with you.

Strawberry Cream Crescent Rolls in the Avalon Bay AirFryer

Ingredients needed:

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (1)

Step 1: Lay out the crescent roll dough and spread a thin layer of the preserves across the top.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (3)

Step 2: Top the preserves with small slices of cream cheese. {I know the photo shows one big chunk, but we discovered it works better if you spread it out a bit.}

Step 3: Roll up the crescents.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (4)

Step 4: Bake in the Avalon Bay AirFryer at 250 degrees for 25-30 minutes. We lined the basket in the fryer with foil since I didn’t have a baking pan that would fit inside. But the foil worked just fine.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (5)

Step 5: Enjoy!!

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (7)

Overall thoughts on the Avalon Bay Airfryer: Impressed. Really, there are so many yummy dishes you can make with the airfryer! Everything from frozen foods to desserts like the crescent rolls we made. And all with less calories thanks to the whole no oil required thing. ;) I seriously think this would make a great gift for your high school graduate headed to their dorm room this fall. It’s like a little counter top oven! You can make dinner and dessert all in this one pretty red gadget!

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (8)

To purchase your own Avalon Bay AirFryer check out their site here. And to learn more about their other products, be sure to like Avalon Bay on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received the Avalon Bay AirFryer in exchange for my honest opinion and review. As always opinions expressed here are 100% the real thoughts from Kayli and myself.


17. 07. 2015

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? In case you haven’t heard of it, they’re a company that sets you up with your own personal stylist based on a questionnaire you fill out about your style preferences and then any Pinterest boards you share with the styles you like. Check out my style pin board here, if you’d like an example. ;) I decided to try it out because I STINK at shopping for myself. I always lean towards quantity and low cost over quality so I end up with meh pieces that never last me very long. I am hoping to be able to slowly build my closet into something I am excited to look through in the morning.

So this is my second round with Stitch Fix, you can see my first Stitch Fix review here. This time around, my stylist, Haley, sent me some really fun pieces! Here’s what I kept, what went back and why.

Stitch Fix Review

{Clockwise from top right.}

Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf {RETURNED} – Such a pretty scarf. The bird print was pretty and fun for summer, but I am the worst about wearing scarves. I live in AZ. It’s hot. I hardly wear scarves in the winter, so I couldn’t justify a pretty scarf I know I’ll never wear.

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan {RETURNED} –  LOVED the color of this cardigan and it was soft and comfortable but I have several cardigans that I rarely wear. Back to the hot in AZ thing… It’s just not that practical for summer.

Rosemont Crochet Trim Top {RETURNED} – Another pretty top, but the shoulders were just too tight. Even with unbuttoning all of the buttons on the neck I had trouble pulling it up over my head.

Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse {RETURNED} – I loved this blue blouse and how it looked with the grey cutoff pants. But it’s Dry Clean Only. There’s not a dry cleaners within three hours drive of where I live. I know… rural living. Boo! I added a note to my stylist that dry clean only can’t be a thing for me unless it’s a really awesome piece I’d wear for special occasions or something.

Brayden Cargo Skinny Pant {KEPT} – I was scared of these skinny pants, because I NEVER wear skinny anything. But once I got them on I LOVED them! I liked them cuffed a little bit to look like capris more than pants, but still so cute!

OVERALL Review of Stitch Fix #2 – So this round was a 1 for 5, but still, I think that things are going in the right direction. Everything I was sent was super cute, just not the right fit, or not something I could justify. So take a second and check out Stitch Fix, cause if you join I get credit to buy more cute goodies! ;)


To see more from my daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party, check out her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Outfit here, her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Decor here and her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Favors here.

Since Klara’s birthday was Strawberry Shortcake themed, I thought it only fitting to do a strawberry shortcake bar for her dessert instead of a birthday cake. Plus, her party was on the fourth of July, so the perfect dessert to celebrate the summer and the holiday as well.

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

The strawberry shortcake bar included sliced angel food cake, sliced strawberries covered in sugar, sugared blueberries and two kinds of whipped cream. I really wanted to do the different flavored whipped creams but couldn’t find any locally.

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Dessert

Regardless I’m positive all of Klara’s party guests enjoyed putting together their own shortcake! I know I did! ;)

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

Miss Klara had a shortcake just for her with TWO of the cutest little Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Candles from DKDelKtables on Etsy to blow out. We even practiced blowing out candles a few days before her party so she’d have the hang of it. Love bug rocked it! ;)

Klara's Birthday Party

Oh look! We DID get a family photo during her party after all… Mommy lighting candles, daddy like a deer in the headlights caught in the background and Klara! ;) haha. That’s her cousin, Taylor, holding Klara.

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Candles

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Theme

Well that wraps up my series on Klara’s Strawberry Shortcake Themed Second Birthday Party!!! Unless you want to see a ton of photos of her opening up presents. Which I assume you don’t… ;) I’ll just post those to Facebook and call it good.

If you’re interested in more Strawberry Shortcake goodness, be sure to check out my other posts. Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Outfit here, her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Decor here and her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Favors here.

Tell me, what was your favorite birthday party ever?? I remember one when I was about 10 or 11 where my whole class came to my aunt’s house and we had cake and games. We still have a group photo. Fun stuff.


To see more from my daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party, check out her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Outfit here and her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Decor here.

I’m going to be honest… the task of putting together birthday favors for several children of different ages, boys and girls was daunting at first. But I did a little Pinterest research, some shopping on Etsy and at the favors aisle in Wal-Mart and they came together nicely!

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Favors
Strawberry confetti c/o Khloe’s Kustom Kreation on Etsy

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Favors

The Strawberry Shortcake favor bags came from Party City. The crayons, big bag of candy because what’s a favor bag without candy ;), and the jumbo pack of glow favors all came from Wal-Mart. I found them in the party favor aisle. Since we hosted Klara’s birthday on the fourth of July, the kids loved getting the glow goodies to wear during fireworks after her party! The coloring pages were free printables I found via Pinterest on the Strawberry Shortcake website. And my favorite of all of her party favors… The Strawberry Shortcake Elastic Hair Ties!!!! Aren’t they the coolest thing ever?!

Strawberry Shortcake Party Favors

They came from the fun Etsy shop, Oliver and May. She has the cutest party favors for just about any theme! Cute hair ties, necklaces, bows, barrettes! If I would’ve had more girls coming to Klara’s party I could’ve gone crazy with the cuteness… But with so many boys too I tried to keep most of the goodies gender neutral. Klara, her friends and cousins all loved their hair ties.

Klara loves her Strawberry Shortcake bracelets!! They’re actually hair elastics from @oliverandmay but she likes to be able to see them. ;) For the coolest party favors check out Oliver and May on Etsy!! #klarabeth #klaraturnstwo #strawberryshortcakebirthdayparty #strawberryshortcake #partyfavors #toddlerbirthday

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Klara has been wearing hers as bracelets so she can see them on herself. ;) Not going to lie, I wear them in my hair and even the older “girls”, aka Klara’s older cousins and aunts wanted a set for themselves.

Strawberry Shortcake Party Favor Bags

I arranged her favor bags in a cute basket and handed them out at the end of her party. All the kids were excited for something fun to be able to take home!

Thanks to those that helped bring Klara’s Strawberry Shortcake Party Favors together!!! There’s still more to come from her party so stay tuned!!!!

What is your favorite party favor to hand out?

Disclosure: I received a discounted rate or items for free in exchange for my honest opinion. But always the thoughts shared here are 100% my own!


I still can’t believe my baby girl is already two years old!!! We celebrated with a fun Strawberry Shortcake party, her favorite TV show. To see more in the Klara Turns Two series, check out her Strawberry Shortcake birthday outfit here. Today’s post is all about the decor!

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

Toddler Birthday Party Tip: Party City and Etsy will be your best friends! I love Party City for things like character decorations, balloons, napkins, plates, cutlery, cups, table cloths. Things that you can’t get on Etsy, my other favorite shopping spot for birthday decor.

Toddler Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

FYI, Safeway will fill up balloons that you bring in, like the Strawberry Shortcake balloon I ordered from Party City. I got the pink and green balloons at Safeway while I was there.

Etsy is the place for fun centerpieces, favors, paper straws, confetti, and more!

Strawberry Shortcake Party Centerpiece

I just adored the Strawberry Shortcake Centerpiece Sticks we received from Khloe’s Kustom Kreation on Etsy! Hilda was amazing to work with, personalized the set with a 2 for Klara’s age and even sent that fun strawberry confetti!!! I used the confetti on the main table and as decoration with her favors table. So, so fun! For real, check out Hilda’s shop, she has the cutest centerpieces, confetti and die cuts for just about any party theme you could think of!!! {More on the favor bags in a later post. ;)}

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Favors

The red, pink and green Strawberry Shortcake themed candies came from our friends, DKDelektables on Etsy. They would’ve made super cute cupcake or cake decorations, but since we did a different dessert, more on that later, I used them as part of our cute centerpiece. Deann and Kathy also sent us some adorable Strawberry Shortcake themed paper straws. Again, check them out, for straws in any color combo you could imagine!!!

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Decorations

My little love bug had a great time at her birthday aprty featuring her favorite, Strawberry Shortcake. And really that’s all that matters. But I loved that I was able to find some really fun, cute decor at affordable prices!!

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Outfit c/o Get Stitched by Anna
Strawberry Shortcake Necklace c/o Shannon P. Designs.

Thanks to everyone that made Klara’s Strawberry Shortcake decorations such a success! Hope you’ll come back soon to see more on her Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party!

Where’s your favorite place to shop for party decor??

Disclosure: I received a discounted rate or items for free in exchange for my honest opinion. But always the thoughts shared here are 100% my own!