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*This is a sort of re-post from our old blog, Truly Lovely, but I have some other freezer meal exchange posts planned so I wanted to catch up any new readers! ;)

What was the world before Pinterest… Seriously. I don’t even “Google” anything anymore. It’s right to Pinterest for me… haha. But really, that’s where I found all of the ideas for my latest girls’ night get together.

First, I saw this pin on hosting a Freezer Meal Exchange and thought, that would be a great way to get some new recipes and meal ideas for my family! Plus it saves yourself a ton of work and money! The gist is you invite six friends, for example. Those six friends each choose one type of freezer meal and make up six of that one dish then bring their meals to your freezer meal exchange party. At the party you exchange meals with your friends so everyone goes home with the same amount of dinners that they brought, but now you have some variety and a stocked freezer for the month.

Here are my four easy steps for starting your own Freezer Meal Exchange Group.

1) Create a group on Facebook and invited your local friends and family that might be interested in stocking their freezers quickly and easily!

2) Choose a date for the party a couple of weeks into the future so that everyone has time to bargain shop for their meal ingredients if they want.

3) We used the Facebook group to have a sign up so nobody brought the same thing and we knew exactly how many meals to make.

4) The week of the party close the sign up so everyone has those last few days to know exactly how many dishes they need to prepare.

Freezer Meal Exchange

For our first freezer meal exchange we ended up with six girls that came, so everyone made six meals, kept one at home and brought five to the exchange. Then we each went home with five different meals to stock our freezers!

A couple things that could make things run more smoothly…

*Everyone made a copy of their ingredients, heating instructions, etc. and attached it to their meal in some way. A couple of the girls did freezer bags and wrote the directions in Sharpie. Genius!

*Ask everyone to bring their meals in clothes baskets! Easy carry in, easy carry out!

*When your exchange guests arrive have them stack their meals in piles for each guest that way when it’s time to go home everyone just loads up their pile of different meals.

We had the best time just hanging out once everyone arrived. We just chatted, let our kids play and enjoyed a girls night out of the house! Well, for everyone but me. But it was nice to have guests over. ;)

I made this Brown Sugar Fruit Dip and served it with strawberries and apples. I also served a cheese ball and crackers, and we tried this delicious Virgin Sangria recipe.

Brown Sugar Fruit Dip

Yummy treats and fun times with friends! Plus now I have a fully stocked freezer with a variety of meals that I didn’t have to put together!!! Win, win, win!!!

In case you’re wondering I made this Swiss Cheese Chicken for my freezer meal to trade and we had it for dinner the other night… DELICIOUS!!! And our group has another exchange planned and ready to go for next month!

Tell me, have you ever hosted a Freezer Meal Exchange? Have any tips for making our next one easier/more fun? What’s your go to freezer meal??


Selfies. Everyone is taking them these days, am I right?! ;) Why not take something you would be doing anyway and use it do some good in your community?! Wal-Mart Huggies Snug and Dry Ultra are hosting a campaign to donate a $2,000 grant to ten worthy community projects!

Huggies Snug and Dry

My girl and I shared our selfie to nominate the Graham County Fairgrounds where we live. My family is very involved in roping and rodeo so we have spent a lot of time at the arena there in the past. They hold Gymkhana Rodeos for younger kids there, junior and high school rodeos as well as rodeos and events for all ages.

The fairgrounds is home to some other really fun events like an annual Easter egg hunt for the kids, soccer and baseball tournaments for all ages, a Cowboy Christmas event with booths and Santa Claus annually… It’s the go to place for fun in my area!

I can only imagine the fun things they could do with a $2k grant from Huggies Snug N Dry!

Nominate your favorite community initiative for the Huggies Snug and Dry Ultra Campaign:

1. Snap a selfie of you and your little one! Like I said, you do this already… easy, right?!

2.  Share that selfie on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #UltraHug and officially nominate the community project you feel should win the $2k grant in your post.

3. Huggies will be accepting selfie nominations through June 25th. On July 6th voting begins to determine finalists and then the winners!


My little girl is almost two years old and already copying everything mama and daddy say. It’s given me a real wake up call to the way I talk to (and about) others, to her and about myself.

Just the other day she came to me with news that her baby doll had to sit in the corner because she wasn’t listening. Now those are the cute, aw, she actually HEARS me moments that every mama hopes for.

Klara's Baby

But those cute moments are almost equal with hearing her repeat something I said over the phone in confidence. Maybe it wasn’t so nice about another person. Or something I said negatively about my body image while looking in the mirror… When those words come out of her sweet little mouth it makes me do a double take. You want to immediately hope that she didn’t hear it from you, but often times it comes right from mommy or someone else close to her. Really makes you think about the words that come out of YOUR mouth. Positivity is never a bad thing to hear come from your child or to share with someone else.

Once in awhile she repeats something she heard on TV… That means its time to be careful what we’re watching. Who doesn’t love a good episode of NCIS?! But when little ears are confronted with “murder”, “hatred”, and similar themes of our favorite shows…. Maybe it’s time for the Disney Channel.

We watched Tangled the other night as a family to try to focus on a more family friendly show… I LOVED it! I hadn’t seen it yet and really enjoyed the entire thing. Maybe a little family friendly viewing in our lives won’t be so bad. ;)

What’s something funny your kiddo heard and repeated? Also, what are your favorite family friendly shows/movies? We’re in the market… ;)


Do you own a Keurig Brewer?? If not, get yourself to the store, buy yourself a treat and join me in saying #HelloKeurig!!!! At the very least ask for one for Mother’s Day because you are going to love it too! The new Keurig 2.0 K200 series brewer is my new favorite appliance for a few reasons…

1. It fits in perfectly on my kitchen counter. It’s less bulky and much more stylish then other brewers I’ve seen.

#HelloKeurig Review (1)

2. The black and white display screen is easy to use. It allows you to brew the cup size of your choice, from 4oz up to 10oz. You can also brew an entire pot of coffee with this brewer if you want to. I love that you’re not limited to just one cup at a time if you have guests over for breakfast!

#HelloKeurig Review (4)

3. You can make hot AND cold drinks with this hot brewer! Just BREW OVER ICE! Genius!!! I love a glass of iced tea throughout the day. FYI, the Lipton Unsweetened Iced Tea K Cups are amazing! A perfect glass of iced tea at your fingertips!

#HelloKeurig Review (7)

The one and only downside I can see with the new Keurig 2.0 brewer… You can only use Keurig branded K Cups. There is a Peppermint Tea that I loved and couldn’t use until they changed the labeling on the K Cup. But they DID change it so it looks like most manufacturers are changing their packaging to include the K Cup logo. If it doesn’t have that logo on the cup itself it WILL NOT work in the 2.0 brewer. Just make sure when you purchase your cups they have “For Use in ALL Keurig Brewers” on the box. {Notice the Keurig logo on the K Cup below…}

#HelloKeurig Review (6)

Tell me, what is your favorite K Cup that I need to try?? I love the Lipton Iced Tea as mentioned above and the Hazelnut Decaf Coffee… Yum yum!!!

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Learn more about Keurig on their Facebook and Twitter Pages.


Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Thanks for helping me support my blogging habit. ;) Just click the photos to buy your favorites.

Mother’s Day is just over a month away and if your husband is like mine, he needs a little push in the right direction from time to time. OK, I’ll be honest, I usually just tell him exactly what I want and it makes life easier for both of us. So here’s my Mother’s Day wish list, with the hope that it will help you to compile your own list or point you in the direction of a fun gift for a mother in your life this year!

A Cosmetic Train Case Set. I have had a set for several years and it’s my favorite way of carrying my cosmetics and toiletries when I travel. It’s definitely time for a new one and I LOVE this Black and White Paisley set! They come in several different styles though, so take your pick!

iRobot Floor Mopping Robot. I HATE mopping. That and sweeping are two of my least favorite household chores!

Kitchen Accessories. I would literally redecorate my kitchen if I had this cute Mason Jar Kitchen Set!

Coffee. Need I say more!?

A Fun New Coffee Mug. Since we’re on the subject of coffee…. I don’t know a single mom that wouldn’t love to have their morning coffee or tea in a fun mug! For those photographers like myself, this Canon Lens Mug is so fun!!!

What’s on your Mother’s Day wish list??


06. 04. 2015

For real. She wants absolutely nothing to do with taking a nap. At what age is it that you transition from hating naps to being willing to give just about anything to catch a twenty minute mid day snooze? The college years maybe? Or even high school…. But at almost two years old, Klara hates taking a nap.

Toddler Naps

At this point I actually go into the bedroom and lay down with her to make her stay on the bed. Sometimes we try watching a cartoon, My Little Pony is a just before nap-time favorite. But no matter what I do it almost always takes a good 20 minutes or so before she finally settles down and falls asleep.

Sometimes there is crying involved…. sometimes more me then her… haha. I’m really starting to wonder if it’s worth the effort. If she gets a nap she is a much happier kiddo. If not, by about 6PM she is a wreck. She’s tired, cranky, whiny… the whole nine yards.

Anyone have any tips for this momma on getting my toddler to nap easier? When did your kids stop napping??


Hey there friends!!!! Welcome to our new little corner of blog land! We are so thrilled you’ve stopped by!

We started Truly Lovely back in November of 2010. We loved it there. We thrived there. But then… after blogging under the Truly Lovely name for so long we feel like we have outgrown it. It felt too generic. Not really… Us. So we started the process of re-branding our blog and social media channels.

You guys. We went back and forth for months trying to think of and decide on a name that was us. We’d think of something cute and find out it was taken. Or think of something and decide it was too cute… Finally, it hit us. What’s more us than our names!!! Seems like it should’ve been staring us in the face, but really it took a long time for us to get here. Our nicknames. Both are a combination of our first and middle names. Something our families and close friends have called each of us for as long as we can remember. Kassarie is Kassi Marie, while Kayliray is from Kayli RayNell.

So this little corner of the Internet is ours. It’s about us, what we love, who we love. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much here as you did at Truly Lovely and new readers, we hope you’ll stick around and get to know us! We’d love to get to know you!

There are lots of ways you can connect with us. Just check out our little social media icons over there on the right side bar. You also have the option to follow along via email. Whatever way you connect, give us a shout out! We’d love to know who you are! And of course, there’s always comments… Every blogger loves those. ;)

Again, welcome! And please stick around… there’s lots of fun things coming your way!