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Hey loves! I am excited to share the Cleo Madison online shop with you all today! Your new online “destination for cute modest clothing” they have a ton of the cutest dresses, tops, even swimming suits that you guys will love! I was contacted by their company to choose an item for review and I chose this fun ‘Susie Floral Pocket Dress‘ to take for a test run.

First this dress. Isn’t she a pretty color!!! And with a floral pattern that seems to be so trendy right now.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it has pockets!!! What mama on the go doesn’t love a good pocket for your cell phone, an extra fruit snack, etc.

It has a great modest shape to it, a higher neckline, sleeves and a shin length skirt. Plus the material it’s made out of is SUPER soft and comfortable! It’s a dress you could very comfortably wear all day long.

I give her two thumbs up!!!

The Cleo Madison site… You guys. They have some of the cutest stuff. It took me forever to narrow down what I wanted to choose to review. I’d love to get this shirt, this swimming suit for next summer, and this floral maxi for fall… Just for starters. ;)

Once you’ve had a second to check out the Cleo Madison site, I’d love to know what you would choose!!!

Learn more about Cleo Madison on their Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+ accounts.

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes, as always though, my opinion is 100% honest and 100% my own!

Picture this… You’ve just opened your eyes from what was (hopefully) a restful night’s sleep. What’s one of the things that pulls you from your cozy bed to start the day? Me… It’s that morning cup of coffee. At this point in my life most of my nights are not so restful. Shout out to all those meaning well when they say, “Kassi, you look like you’re tired.” Um, I am. Thanks for pointing that out. ;) My son is not a restful sleeper. Even on his best nights. And on those good nights I usually stay up crazy late because photo editing is best done without two kiddos underfoot. So when my eyes open in the morning that coffee is calling to me. Meet one of my dearest friends… my Keurig Brewer. ;)

You’ve been introduced during this Keurig Brewer Review before if you’ve been around this blog for any length of time. But what you haven’t met yet is my Keurig’s best bud… The DripJoy K-Cup Compatible Single Serve Coffee

I was sent two boxes of DripJoy to try in exchange for my honest opinion and review shared here with you dolls. I chose the Morning Joy and Dark Bean Daydream flavors because come on, who doesn’t want a little more joy in their morning and the Dark Bean Daydream touts “hints of chocolate”. Um, sold.

First of all, this coffee does not disappoint. I tend to add a flavored creamer of some kind to my coffee (Right now I’m loving White Chocolate Raspberry, what’s your current favorite?), but both flavors could totally stand on their own. I am not a coffee connoisseur. I love the warm cup in my hands in the morning, the routine more so than anything. But I also want it to taste good. And DripJoy does. #flavorwin

DripJoy Coffee is used exactly like the Keurig K-Cups that you’re already using. They’re the same size, work the same way, all that. BUT DripJoy has a subscription service so that you won’t ever run out of coffee. Bless the genius that came up with THAT idea! I have one of those fun little pod holders that sets underneath my Keurig Brewer. They are the best! But I am also the worst at remembering to purchase new pods once that thing runs out. I have to refill it from the boxes in the pantry and what’s left in the boxes is not something I’m good at keeping track of… Having new coffee sent right to me BEFORE I run out?! #anotherwin

Say you aren’t into the whole subscription thing? You can still purchase individual boxes of coffee without the commitment. So really, there’s no downside no matter what option you chose. Great coffee that you didn’t have to go to the store for, or remember to restock at all if you choose. #everyoneiswinning

Tell me, what gets you going in the morning?

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes, as always though, my opinion is 100% honest and 100% my own!

Hi there!!! I hate when bloggers have been MIA then they come back and share a long story about where they’ve been, excuses, excuses, etc.. So I’m not going to do that. Life happens. Blog breaks happen. Let’s move on. ;)

It’s spring here friends! Well… mostly. Our grass is greening up in our yard, trees are starting to bud and the wind is starting to blow… The wind. One of the downsides of the beautiful little town where we live. But there’s got to be at least one downside to everything, right?! Regardless it’s mostly planting time here and we’ve been spending our weekends tidying up the yard, cutting and spraying weeds, etc. So this last week my little helper and I fancied up a couple of cute little planters just for fun.

The plain white planters were like $2 each at the dollar store, a can of spray paint, painters tape and a sheet of brown vinyl. That’s all you’d need to make your own!

My daughter helped me tape off the top and bottom so we could just spray paint the center of each planter to add a fun pop of color. I used Rust-oleum Seaside Gloss paint… This isn’t an advertisement other than that I just love this color and would spray paint all the things this pretty turquoise blue if I had the time. ;)

The Silhouette SD machine that I’ve had for 6ish years bit the dust just before Christmas… I talked the hubs into ordering a brand new shiny Silhouette Cameo and I am in love with it. Projects happening all over the place now!

That cute font with the arrows is available within the Silhouette store… It’s called Swift Arrow Font. I also bought the welcome ya’ll shape in the Silhouette store because it was too cute and perfect to pass up. ;) I cut them out onto some brown vinyl and applied the vinyl using transfer paper.

I planted a cute little strawberry plant in each one and set them on either side of my front door. Yay for happy spring fun entryway!

What fun spring projects have you been creating lately? I would love to see links! Oh, and we link to these fun parties. Hope you’ll join us!

Every year when holiday card time rolls around I click right over to Shutterfly.com, I even talked about it on the blog here last year… BUT it’s also a great place to purchase your personalized holiday gifts!

shutterfly-logoOne of my favorite Shutterfly products and one I always receive compliments on is my personalized photo iPhone case. They have different sizes and styles you can choose from. You can do just photos, or choose varied backgrounds and then personalize with your name, initials, favorite quote, etc. I get asked all the time where I got mine. And the answer is Shutterfly!


I also LOVE my personalized reusable shopping bag! There are again, several styles to choose from, mine is the Classic Mosaic style, and you can add photos and text to personalize them. This is a shopping bag nobody will mistake for theirs with your name and photo on the side!



This year there are several new products on Shutterfly’s website that I can’t wait to get… This is my son’s first Christmas and a pretty Baby’s First Christmas glass ornament is at the top of my list. Or a family photo in a rustic weathered wood framed ornament would be fun! Speaking of frames, how about a personalized wooden frame with your favorite photo as a holiday gift?! I also love these mason jar glasses that you can personalize! TONS of gifting and holiday decorating options!

shutterfly-holiday-giftsI love getting personalized gifts because it shows the giver took the time to really think about me… And in giving personalized gifts I hope my recipients know that I thought about them.

Do you like getting personalized gifts?


Disclosure: I received gift credit in exchange for a sponsored post for Shutterfly. As always though, opinions shared here are 100% my own. I would never share something I don’t truly love!

I won’t lie… I’m kind of a makeup loser. ;) IF I get any makeup on at all during the day it’s always a little concealer to hide the mommy under eye darkness, some foundation and a little mascara. That’s it. So when I received the Maybelline Brow Drama® VoxBox from Influenster I was excited to try something new!

Maybelline Brow Drama Review

I received both the Dark Brown and Soft Brown colors. They are SUPER easy to use, just draw the color onto your brows either to fill in trouble spots or to add more definition. I was able to use either color as both blended well with my brows depending on how much drama I felt like having. The below photo shows the Dark Brown on bottom and the Soft Brown on the top.

Maybelline Brow Drama

If you’re interested, I did a little vlog about them that you can watch here, Maybelline Brow Drama Vlog.

Have you tried the Brow Drama crayons? What’s your shade?
Are you a less is more makeup girl like me? Or are you a makeup maven?

Disclosure: I received this VoxBox via Maybelline and Influenster, but all opinions shared here are my own.


With school letting out and summer right around the corner I’ve been thinking about summer vacations… My kids aren’t really old enough yet for anything too big or exciting, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about when they will be! I want to be that family that takes a fun vacation every summer. Something that will create amazing childhood and family memories. So here is my wish list of 5 someday family vacation destinations!

Disneyland Vacation

Disneyland! Every kid I have ever known has dreamed of going to Disneyland. Klara has been there once, but she wasn’t even a year old yet. I want to take both of my kids back when they’re old enough to really enjoy it. I’ve heard little girls LOVE the princess breakfast and I know Klara would go nuts!

Nashville, Tennessee! I have wanted to go there ever since I did a presentation on the city for a competition in high school! My husband and I both love listening to the Sirius Radio broadcasts of the Grande Ol’ Opry and it would be amazing to see it in person with my family. I’ve heard the Opryland Hotel and Gardens are so neat and I would love to check out Music Row with the hubs! As lovers of Sirius Radio you know we’ll be going to the Music Row Happy Hour while we’re there too! ;)

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Go ahead and judge me, but Harry Potter has been my favorite since the beginning. I will go there someday, especially since I hear there’s one in California now! And my sister will be going with me, book nerds unite! I can’t wait to introduce the books to my kids! Klara already likes watching the movies with me, so seeing it brought to life as a family would be SO fun!

Grand Canyon! Ok, it’s really only a few hours from home, but especially since that’s the case it’s amazing and awe inspiring and all that business that such a HUGE canyon can exist the way it does. Every family should visit it at least once.

New York City! You see it all the time in movies and read about it in books. There are so many things to see and do there… A play or musical on Broadway, the Museum of Natural History, visiting the set of Good Morning America and getting on TV! ;) This would definitely fall into the ‘when the kids are older’ category, but it would be an educational and cultural experience for them from the rural area where we live for sure!

As I’m sitting here writing this post I realized two things… One, there are so many more amazing places I want to be able to visit with my family! What an amazing country we have! And two… it’s time to start saving… $$$$ ;)

Where is your #1 family vacation dream destination??


I’m not an expert on breastfeeding by any means, but I have nursed two babies and feel like I have a good handle on things these days. I made it to 13 months with my daughter and we’re headed toward month three with my son.

Throughout that time I have googled, Pinterested, asked friends and family and by any means possible sought out as much information as possible on breastfeeding… The correct positions, the best way to get a good latch, help for pain in the early weeks, etc. So I wanted to share a few real life conclusions that I’ve come to for those other mamas trolling the internet for answers in the middle of a nightly nursing session.

Breastfeeding Information

The initial pain and discomfort of breastfeeding that sweet baby will pass by about 6ish weeks.

I remember searching for how long it would last those first few weeks when I was aching, engorged and just not very excited each time one of my kiddos as a newborn was ready to eat. I don’t remember ever finding a real answer. So here’s my answer to you… It might be sooner if you master the latch from the beginning, don’t have any issues with cracked nipples and things just go smoothly from the start. BUT if goodness forbid something doesn’t go right, IT WILL STILL PASS! With my son, just a couple short months ago, I caught the flu the second week after he was born. It was death. For real. But the worst thing that came from it was that I didn’t feel good, I got lazy and ended up with a cracked nipple. Like a Grand Canyon sized hole in my body you guys. It was bad. But it did eventually heal. I had to grit my teeth every time he latched there for awhile, but by 6 weeks I was totally OK.

Breastfeeding in public is uncomfortable.

Before you go all #normalizebreastfeeding on me hear me out. I know there’s this huge movement towards making mamas more comfortable to feed their children in any setting. Women are sharing photos of themselves nursing their little loves on social media. And that is awesome! BUT as a new mom, when you venture out of the house for the first time and have to figure out how to comfortably nourish your little one with prying eyes every which direction IT IS UNCOMFORTABLE. I just want you to know that it is OK to feel that way. If you don’t you are a total nursing rock star mom and kudos to you, but for the rest of us, just know that you will figure it out and it will get easier. Nursing in public with my second child was SO much easier, SO much more natural and SO much more comfortable than with my daughter when I was figuring it out the first time.


Formula is totally OK too!

I have to say that of all the things that I’ve learned throughout two kids thus far, the most important is that motherhood should be a judgment free zone. As long as you love and do your best to take care of your littles, then you are a hero mom in my eyes. Because honestly, I have known a few mamas that just don’t care. So however you feed your child, as long as they’re getting fed, continue to grow and thrive, then yay you!!! Case in point, my daughter’s little bestie is a cute little blonde headed girl that looks just like my daughter. In fact people get them mixed up sometimes. They are both smart, sweet, amazing little girls. My daughter was breastfed and her little friend was not. It all works itself out in the end, so do yourself a favor and realize that however you choose to care for your child, it is the right decision as long as you care.

What is/was your biggest breastfeeding concern? Any tips you can share for new nursing mamas?


Ever since Instagram came out there have been apps popping up that allow you to print out your photos, but I have just found my new favorite! FavePix from Shutterfly! First of all… why would you print out your pictures if they’re already saved on Instagram and/or Facebook or whatever social media sharing site you prefer…  What if that social sharing site gets hacked? What if your account gets deleted? What if like MySpace it simply becomes unpopular and sort of fades away into early 2000s history. It can happen… I don’t even remember what my log in info was for MySpace back then.

FavePix Giveaway (2)

FavePix is an iPhone app by Shutterfly that enables you to create photo books from your Instagram photos.  For just $19.99, you get a 6×6 hardcover photo book and a bamboo stand. Shipping is free.

FavePix by ShutterflyYour book comes in a fun little box with it’s own wooden stand so you can actually display all those photos you’ve taken and are so proud of! I put mine right on my living room mantle!

FavePix Giveaway (1)

Creating your book is SO easy and really takes only about 5 minutes. You have three options for choosing the photos you want printed in your book. Just download the FavePix app from the iPhone app store, connect your Instagram account and then either;

1.       Select your favorites from all of your Instagram photos, you can choose up to 50

2.       Gather by hashtags

3.       Let FavePix choose your best photos for you

I chose to gather by hashtag using #KlaraBeth. From there FavePix chose my top 50 photos of my sweet girl and put them into the book in chronological order. You also have the option to print the dates and captions with the photos. I LOVED that because most apps available don’t allow you to print the caption that you shared with the photo, but I love to be able to look back and read what I wrote when I shared that photo on that specific date.

FavePix Giveaway (3)

You can choose a black or white background, I chose white. And it allows you a couple of options for the cover. Either one large photo or a few smaller ones.

FavePix Giveaway (4)

The back cover includes your Instagram profile photo and name. So fun, right?!

FavePix Giveaway (5)

I already want to make another with my #KlaraBethMonthly photos that I took during Klara’s first year. And then one with Quade’s photos when he gets a little older and has a few more… ;)

Now it’s your turn! Shutterfly has graciously offered a free FavePix book to one of our lucky readers! Enter the giveaway below. A winner will be chosen and announced on May 12th. Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure: I received a free FavePix book in exchange for my honest review and hosting a giveaway. As always opinions shared here are 100% my own!


I’m super excited to finally start sharing our Casa de Mortensen Home Renovation with you all!!! I’ve debated on the best way to start sharing these posts and it has seriously delayed me in actually sitting down to write. I finally decided to start with a Before Tour of the house to show how it all looked before we got started with our changes and making it our own. I snapped all of these before photos with my cell phone in the various trips we made to make plans and check out the house, so pardon the less than stellar quality… and the dog photo bomb… ;)

Remember, this was the house where my husband grew up. When he grew up here, it looked basically like this, minus the um… interesting brownish paint job on the cabinets in the kitchen. Those deer and elk heads were courtesy of a later tenant…

But these main living areas are more or less how they’ve been for years.

Kitchen Renovation Before

Kitchen Renovation Before 2

The pantry…

Home Renovation Pantry Before

Below is the view of the kitchen and dining area if you’re looking from the living room.

Kitchen Renovation Before 3

And from there if you turn around you’ll see the living room. The elk on the wall was from prior tenants, but again, the rest is basically just like it was when my husband’s family lived there.

Home Renovation Living Room Before

And this is the entry from the side door.

Home Renovation Entryway Before

This is the view of the side entryway, looking from the laundry room.

Home Renovation Entryway Before 2

And finally the laundry room…

Home Renovation Laundry Room

This is the view of the side entryway, looking from the laundry room.  Home Renovation Laundry Room 2

Up next I’ll share the other living areas before we started making changes… The bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Hope you’ll come back to see the renovations and cosmetic changes we’ve been working on!


29. 03. 2016

Wow… it’s almost April. Kayli was able to sneak in a post at the end of December, but I haven’t written a single thing since November. Oops. Sorry peeps. You know… if there’s any peeps out there left reading this little blog-o here. Shout out to you dear reader… I hope you’ll leave a comment so I can personally thank you for sticking around! ;) I don’t really have a good excuse for not writing for the majority of that time… Unless you can call living life an excuse. But I do have an awesome excuse for the last month-ish. Friends… meet our little cowboy Quade!!

Duncan Arizona Newborn Photographer

Our little miss Klara is completely smitten with her baby brother. She asks to hold him several times a day and even just to see him if someone else is holding him or he’s laying in his bed or swing. Klara brings mommy diapers, helps with bath time and really hasn’t shown a single ounce of jealousy, thank goodness!!!

Greenlee County Newborn Photographer

Since everyone keeps asking, I am doing great. I had a rough week there during little man’s second week of life… His daddy caught the flu and passed it to me. Having just had a baby and then catching the flu is basically hell… In case you were wondering. But I did live through it and all is well once again. ;)

Now that things have settled down a bit I have been thinking of blogging again. So I hope to write some more soon and maybe catch up and share a little bit about what we’ve been up to lately… Casa de Mortensen needs a few posts dedicated to the changes we’ve made so far for sure. But no promises. I do have two sweet little kiddos that need mommy cuddles, so you know, priorities. ;)

Have a happy week loves!